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These are larger and with the palm swell fit my hand perfectly allowing greater control of the rifle. The softer material also helps with recoil.
Both grips now have a storage area secured with tool free screw cap. A captive thumb nut tightens the grip to the rail on both models. Both models have two locking lugs to prevent any front to back movement along the rail.

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Material: High Density Fiber Polymer
Mount Base:Picatinny/Weaver
This tactical vertical fore-grip integrated with a strong and stable bi-pod.
The Grip Pod's legs deploy at the push of a button – instantly.
Push Button to unlock Bipod Legs, and retract the Spring Loaded Legs by pushing back in.
It mounts directly to Weaver/Picatinny rail systems.
Use as a foregrip as well.

Has short, compact size that keeps hand close to weapon
Fits any weapon with a standard picatinny lower rail
Has durable, hard-wearing, lightweight reinforced polymer
Ergonomic Finger Grooves for Most Comfortable Grip

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