Cal:30 Laser Bore Sighter, LBS-30

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Specifications:Laser bore sighter CAL:30

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Laser Bore Sighter

The laser bore sighter, also called a bore light, is a device used to sight in a rifle on a target. It’s not intended to precisely sight in the rifle, but to get the shooter close enough so he needs only minor corrections when sighting in at a firing range. The bore sight assembly includes mandrels of different sizes that fit into a rifle’s barrel. The mandrels ensure the laser light beam mimics the path of the bullet.

Shooters use laser bore sights as a tool for quickly and accurately setting up a new rifle. Bore sights reduce the amount of time and money spent on the range by bringing the bullet trajectory and the sight pattern from the scope into a relative range. Following a systematic procedure, a laser bore sight is easily inserted into a range of guns.

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