How to choose a telescope

How to choose a telescope is a difficult thing, it is not only a practical equipment,but also is an expensive leisure supplies, the majority of people are under the  situation of food abundance, choose it as a leisure sport  tools.

Taking part in outdoor sports, watching sports, watching cabaret, bird watching, searching for the target, astronomical observation, scientific expedition etc, telescope expands our horizons, gets us and the world closer , bring us a new visual experience.

Telescope binoculars telescope main include points and monocular telescope , how to choose the telescope? Usually use the telescope is 7 times, 8 times, 10 times, is suitable for outdoor sports, music, watch sports competitions; telescope 20 times, 30 times, 60 times, suitable for viewing far distance from the target, can more fully the observed object details, such as birding.

Telescope is not a multiple of the bigger the better,  you had better  select it according to their uses, the initial use of the telescope ‘s friend often put forward blindly pursue high requirements, for example to see the 200 meters away from the birds of a feather. If a telescope can satisfy such requirement, then carrying it trek is a real chore.

Many experts suggest how to choose the telescope, binocular telescope is best 7 times, 8 times, 10 times, the specifications of the telescope has a large enough market, to search branch perched birds or tracking the birds that fly, secondly, moderate magnification for hand held fast to find the target, its weight is also not a journey in the burden.

Post time: Apr-02-2018