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  • Hunting/QD Style Integral Mounts with/without Bubble Level Picatinny/Weaver Aluminum Ring

    This product is specially designed for hunting enthusiasts. It has a QD-style integrated gun stock with a quick-detach function. It is manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy with 30mm or 34mm diameter rings suitable for Picatinny/Weaver rails. The product design is highly ergonomic and pro...
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  • The history of Spotting Scope

    In 1611, the German astronomer Kepler took two pieces of lenticular lens as the objective and the eyepiece, the magnification is obviously improved, later people regarded  this optical system  as the Kepler telescope. In 1757, Du Grand through studying of glass and water refraction and dispersion...
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  • How to choose a telescope

    How to choose a telescope is a difficult thing, it is not only a practical equipment,but also is an expensive leisure supplies, the majority of people are under the  situation of food abundance, choose it as a leisure sport  tools. Taking part in outdoor sports, watching sports, watching cabaret,...
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